Front Office Executive

Front Office Executive

Job Title: FOE (Front Office Executive)

Location: Bangalore

Job Type: Full-time

Job Description

  1. Receptionists perform basic "gate keeping" and administration duties, often while sitting in the primary entryway of an office or facility. Typical job duties include:
  2. Answering the phone: While many companies have voicemail systems, some callers still prefer to connect with a human being. In some cases, a caller may not know who they should be speaking to within an organization, particularly if their contact is no longer with the business. A receptionist serves as a point person for directing these calls.
  3. Appointment setting: The FOE may schedule and set appointments for executives and high-level managers.
  4. Greeting visitors: FOE greet visitors and notify employees that guests have arrived.
  5. Accepting deliveries: A FOE may be tasked with accepting deliveries, including packages, certified and registered mail and communications sent by courier.
  6. Administrative tasks: Some FOE’s are responsible for administrative tasks, including maintaining files and spreadsheets or sending out interoffice communications.
  • Saturday & Sunday Off (More often than not have to work on Saturday’s)
  • General Shift
  • 9 Hours Duty
  • Fast Growth

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